Robotic Milling & Drilling

Milling & Drilling Applications


There are several differences between traditional CNC milling and robotic milling. While both perform milling, drilling, and cutting, robotic applications perform these tasks with much greater flexibility and efficiency.  Even more, an industrial robot can handle these operations with cost-effective skill and precision—gaining instant productivity for companies of all sizes.


Milling and drilling require a high level of skill, working with fast-moving rotary cutters on several axes and with varying direction and pressure. Sigma Robotics can help you design the most effective robotic solutions for machining custom parts (metal, wood, plastic, foam, etc..) to precise tolerances. Some of our customers’ most popular solutions include:


  • Single robot milling systems

  • Single robot with a seventh axis turntable

  • Single robot with a dual-sided turntable

  • Single robot with a positioner

  • Single robot with a track system (for large-size applications)

  • Single robot with a track system and positioner (for large-size applications)

  • Multi-robots with multi–axis applications

  • Multi-robots with single- and multi-track milling systems

 Whether you are a small prototype shop or a super-size yacht manufacturer, we have a solution to help you achieve your manufacturing goals. No matter what size your model or die, we are here to help. Our superior engineering and robotic solutions will eliminate intensive labor hours and provide instant gains in quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Our automation solutions and robotic milling solutions cover an extensive variety of applications. Sigma Robotics is an industry leader in creating customized robotic cells and custom design grippers. We also offer our own, exclusive pneumatic, hydraulic and servo/mechanical standard Sigma Grip® Grippers (EOAT) for robotic applications.