Industrial Robot Applications

Use industrial robots to automate your production line to save time and money.

Automate your production line with industrial robots, and give your business the edge it needs to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

With years of experience and high levels of expertise, Sigma Robotics can help you design and integrate the following turnkey robotic manufacturing cells.

We design and program custom-made PLC/HMI controls, fixtures, positioners, and turntables. Our engineers can help you fully automate your production line, step-by-step and end-to-end. We also have the capability to integrate the optimal robotic systems into your current production line without interruption. Select one of the applications below or contact us for more details. 


Pick & Place Robots

Press / Machine Tending Robots

Arc Welding Robots MIG – TIG

Material Removal & Polishing

Milling & Cutting Robots

Palletizing & Packaging

Spot Welding Robots

Laser Welding  / Laser & Plasma Cutting Robots

Water-Jet Cutting Robots