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Sigma Robotics

Affordable Automation, Robotic Integration, Engineering Solutions, and Services for Industrial Companies


Sigma Robotics provides intelligent Automated Manufacturing, Warehousing, Packaging systems and Robotic Solutions for a range of different industries. We transform your company’s traditional processes into a fully automated, reliable, optimized, flexible, and efficient system. By providing automation solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, we will help your business gain a powerful advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.


We combine years of experience in both robotic automation and manufacturing process improvement to help your company optimize your systems and lower your capital investment. Sigma Robotics has the unique, combined skills to give your company both financial flexibility and operational efficiency.

Sigma Robotics was founded by Vahap John Dogan in 2009 and expanded in 2011 to become Sigma DT, LLC, As part of our rebranding strategy, the company's name changed to Sigma Robotics LLC in 2022. Vahap John studied Aeronautical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Vahap John is the President & CEO of Sigma Robotics, and the founder of SigmaCobot®, Collaborative Robot, and SigmaGrip® Standard, Custom Made, and Harsh Environment Robotic Grippers.

He is also the founder and main Architect of roboZOOM® Robotic Vision, the powerful 2D and 3D Robotic Camera developed on true machine learning and deep learning algorithms. roboZOOM® Robotic Vision’s first product is performing impressive results in current sustained test runs and will be launched to the market soon.

Sigma Robotics has one of the most extensive levels of experience in manufacturing processes among leading robotic companies, and it is the largest refurbished industrial robot supplier in the U.S. Our market share in refurbished robots will help your company maximize its return on investment, delivering ROIs under 12 months for most robotic applications.

At Sigma Robotics we offer the following:

- Robotic Automation, Fully Integrated Production Cells, and End-to-End Production Line Solutions

-  Automation and Engineering Solutions for Industries

 - Research and Product Development

 - Industrial Robot Refurbishment

-  Industrial Robot and Part Supplier

We work with some of the largest industrial companies across many fields, including automotive, aerospace, defense, packaging, food processing, warehousing, pharmaceutical, energy, and more. We are also committed to taking a leading role in robotic research projects with universities and national laboratories to shape the future of robotic technologies.


Please contact us for more details. Use our ROI Calculator to learn how quickly Sigma Robotics solutions will return your investment into profit and success for your company.

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