Sigma Robotics Systems provides customized solutions for pharmaceutical applications, including filling, inspection, packaging, laboratory research, and the manufacture of personalized medicine.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires strict adherence to national and global standards, especially in inspection and packaging. Sigma Robotics has the experience to custom design the solutions your company needs to increase efficiency, provide safety, reduce training costs, eliminate human error, increase repeatability and reproducibility, remove the potential for human contamination in cleanrooms.



Some of Most Common Robotic Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

- Robotic Vaccine Production  

 - Drug Filling

- Quality Control & Inspection

 - Medical Tray Handling

 - Medical Syringe Assembly

-  Drug / Medication Dispensing

- Robotic Pill Picking, Sorting and Counting

- Clean Room Robot Solutions

- Robotic Cartoning, Case Packing and Palletizing