Renewable Energy



The renewable energy industry has seen many advances in the methods used and products manufactured to harness nature’s renewable energy sources. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Hydroelectric Energy are three major fields of renewable energy.

Sigma Robotics is a leader in optimizing robotic applications for the Renewable Energy industry:

 - Blade Polishing and Finishing Robots

 - Water Handling Robots

 - Water Jet / Laser Cutting Robots

 - Welding Robots

 - Drilling Robots    

 - Painting Robots

 - Riveting Robots

 - Material Handling Robots

 - Inspection Robots

 - Mold-Making (Sculpting) Robots




Manufacturing of wind towers would be extremely difficult and time-consuming without the expertise of manufacturing robots. Because of their unique geometry, turbine towers are welded to precise specifications with the accuracy only available through high-end, carefully calibrated welding robots.

From sharpening the edges of gears, to trimming and grinding the blade flash, and to drilling and cutting blade roots with a high level of accuracy, robots are essential for manufacturing turbine blades. Sigma Robotics has years of experience providing solutions for turbine blade manufacturing, solar energy solutions, and hydroelectric energy innovations.