Food Processing


The food processing industry is one of the fastest-growing fields of robotic adaptation. As robotic innovations continue to improve, robotic applications can rapidly increase speed, quality, safety, and efficiency in food processing. Process that are time-intensive for manual workers are fast and efficient for robots, including butchery, washing and drying, stacking, and fruit and vegetable sorting. New food products are being rapidly developed by the efficiency that robots bring to baking, cooking, and scaling batch size.

Sigma Robotics can help you customize the robotic applications that will help your food processing business succeed in a highly competitive industry.


Some of  the Most Common Robotic Applications in the Food Processing Industry including:

- Pick & Place

 - Grabbing

- Sealing

- Stacking

 - Palletizing  

 - Stretch Wrapping

- Food Sorting

- Poultry Processing

- Washing & Drying

- Fully Integrated Robotic Manufacturing / Packaging Lines