On-Site Robot Maintenance

Diagnosis and repair your robot to keep it operating at its full potential

Sigma Robotics can diagnose and repair your robot to keep it operating at its full potential.

We offer in-house and on-site robot maintenance.

Maintenance and test services include: 

    - Mechanical issues and functionality

    - Missing, broken, or worn components replacement

    - Oil Change and Greasing

    - System calibration

    - System fault recovery and updates

    - Electrical issues and functionality

    - Software issues and upgrades

    - Cosmetic and visual upgrades

    - Safety, power-up, and controller test

    - Perform repeatability Test

    - Backlash observation on each axis

Based on the cost of repair, sometimes it is worth replacing an older robot with a new one. Sigma Robotics offers the option of refurbishing an old robot or replacing it with a new one. In either case, this process could be done over a weekend in most plants. Our engineers can give you an honest consultation to maximize your resources and provide immediate return on your investment.

Contact us to learn how we can help you to keep your production line up and running.