Welding Robots (MIG, TIG)

Welding Robots (TIG , MIG) Applications

Used with various materials on different industries.



Welding robots are the perfect addition to your manufacturing operations, and Sigma Robotics will help you choose the best automation solutions to maximize productivity, optimize quality, minimize manufacturing costs, and improve the safety of your workplace.


Our engineers have advanced expertise with robotic welding technology, coupled with industry-leading proficiency in installation and maintenance. Sigma Robotics solutions can give you the confidence to automate the robotic arc welding process solutions that you need to gain a competitive position in today's global economy.

Besides our standard MIG and TIG robotic welding systems, we also custom design and implement advanced robotic arc welding systems for our customers. 



Our solutions include:


  • Single-station robotic welding cells
  • Multi-station or multi-robot welding systems
    • Dual-sided robotic welding with turntable
    • Dual-sided robotic welding with positioner
    • Multi-station robotic welding (with one robot used as positioner, up to 12 stations)
    • Gantry style single (or multiple) robotic welding systems
    • Track-installed robotic welding systems


  • Large-size welding systems, with high productivity for any size parts
    • For trailers, tankers, and large-size component robotic welding cells, the welding system may go up to 40 meters (135 feet) travel on track.
    • High-flexibility robotic welding cells
    • Complete robotic welding systems for trailers of different models and lengths, built to meet your requirements
    • Complete horizontal welding robotic systems for tanks of different diameters and lengths, customized to your needs
    • Agricultural and large parts Robotic welding systems



Sigma Robotics can help you create the best applications for customized robotic cells and custom design grippers. We also offer our own, exclusive pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical standard Sigma Grip® Grippers (EOAT) for robotic applications. Our engineers will help you build the robotic systems that will give your business immediate, substantial gains in productivity and quality.