Packaging & Warehousing

Packaging & Warehousing

Sigma Robotics leads the industry with years of experience in a wide variety of robotic automation products, and we can provide a tailored solution for your needs.

We design, build, and integrate advanced packaging and warehousing automation solutions for businesses around the globe. Our customers experience rapid return on investment with the immediate increased efficiency that optimized packaging and warehousing provides. Robotic packaging and warehousing solutions get your products to consumers with greater speed and efficiency, giving you a powerful edge in today’s competitive markets.


Sigma Robotics can help you customize the best robotic applications for your packaging and warehousing needs:

- Box Palletizing

- Bag Palletizing

- Bag  / Box Sealing

- Pallet Shrink Wrapping

- Box Pick & Place

- Bag Filling

- Box / Bag Positioning

- Conveyor Transfer Solutions 

- Fully Automated & Integrated Warehousing Solutions 


Contact us for any questions, and let us help you to automate your processes.