Lease Robots or Robotic Cells

Sigma Robotics has an industrial robot leasing program that gives our customers an opportunity to lease robots instead of purchasing them. There is no time limit on the leasing program—it is customized according the the customer’s need and may last for a week, month, a year, or long-term.

In our leasing program we have the following options:

Program 1—Robot Only

You lease only the robots (including robot arm, controller, teach pendant, and necessary cables and components to run). You would be responsible for picking up, installation (based on the contract), system integration, and maintenance.


Program 2—Robot and Fixtures

You lease the robot along with the fixtures, positioner, PLC unit, safety cage, and all necessary equipment and components are included. Maintenance service is not included.


Program 3—Robot and Fixtures, with Maintenance

This is the same as program 2, but additionally we provide maintenance, repairs, and other necessary services to keep your production cell up and running. At the end of the leasing program you would have the option of purchasing the robot and work cell you leased.


For our lease customers, we also offer add-on services of programming, maintenance, installation, and integration. 

Our customers’ favorite robotic work cells for lease include:

      - Robotic arc welding cells

      - Robotic spot-welding cells

      - Robotic sanding and deburring cells (with or without automatic tool changer)

      - Robotic polishing cells (with or without automatic tool changer)

      - Robotic milling cells (with or without automatic tool changer)

      - Robotic pick and place cells

      - Robotic loading and unloading cells


We offer long-term leasing and equipment financing through our financial partners. With a capital lease, your equipment stays on the balance sheet, because the equipment is treated as being owned by the person leasing it; this is why capital leasing is described like a loan. At the end of the term, the customer owns the equipment per the terms of the agreement.

Sigma Robotics has years of experience in providing our customers with the robot solutions they need and the lease program they can afford. We are responsive to the changing needs of your company, and we will work with you to offer longer-term leases or lease-to-own options.

Please contact us for more details.