Water Jet Cutting

Water-Jet Cutting Application

Used with various materials on different industries.

Robotic Water-Jet Systems

Robotic waterjet cutting systems are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, boating, energy, and more. Waterjet technology has the unique ability to use a single robotic arm to cut a variety of materials, including:

     Stone cutting, including marble, granite, and other minerals

     Metal cutting, including steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, and other metals

     Fabric cutting

     Carbon fiber and fiberglass cutting

     Plastic material cutting

     Food cutting and shaping

     And many other applications.


Whatever material you are cutting, whether it’s granite countertops or automotive parts, Sigma Robotics engineers can help you design a fully automated waterjet cutting system to exceed the high standards of your industry. With our extensive inventory, we can optimize the robotic applications that will provide an immediate return on your investment.

Sigma Robotics is an industry leader in automation, creating customized robotic cells and custom design grippers. We also offer our own pneumatic, hydraulic and servo/mechanical standard Sigma Grip® Grippers (EOAT) for robotic applications.

Please contact us with questions and to start customizing your robotic solutions.