Refurbishment Services

The reliability of a new robot at a fraction of the cost

Refurbishment Services offers the reliability of a new robot at a fraction of the cost.

Sigma Robotics offers refurbishment services for your industrial robots. Based on the cost of repair, sometimes it is worth replacing an older robot with a new one. Sigma Robotics offers the option of refurbishing an old robot or replacing it with a new one. In either case, this process could be done over a weekend in most plants. Our engineers can give you an honest consultation to maximize your resources and provide an immediate return on your investment.

Our engineers follow a careful, 14-step process for your robot refurbishment:

  1. Perform a complete visual check and physical examination to define damaged components.

  2. Initiate a complete system backup before running robot to determine damaged components and assess functionality.

  3. Follow a multi-step troubleshooting process to eliminate errors and warnings.

  4. Pre-clean robot prior to physical testing.

  5. Grease all axes and assess stability of parts prior to pre-test.

  6. Complete full diagnostic report and service quote to send to customer for repair approval.

  7. Perform repairs, replace any necessary parts, and tune up all functional parts.

  8. Replace grease and oil for all axes.

  9. Retest robot, perform complete diagnostic, and document results.

  10. Carefully clean robot with dry ice and other secure methods prior to painting.

  11. Paint robot and seal if necessary.

  12. Perform final testing and diagnostics.

  13. Calibrate robot according to strict industry specifications.

  14. Prepare robot for secure shipping, delivery, and re-installation.

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