Compact ServoWeld actuators designed for robotic spot welding

Compact ServoWeld actuators designed for robotic spot welding

Posted on 09/17/2020

Tolomatic Inc. this week announced that the latest generation of its high-force actuators for seventh-axis robotic spot-welding is now designed on a compact footprint. The result is Tolomatic’s most power-dense actuator for weld-gun designs, said the Minneapolis-based company. The Compact ServoWeld actuators are available in two patent-pending models and are designed for automotive and sheet-metal welding applications.

For more 65 years, Tolomatic has supplied electric linear actuators, pneumatic actuators, and power transmission products for factory automation. It also produces servo-driven high-force actuators and configured linear-motion systems. The company said its electric linear and pneumatic actuators are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, material handling, medical, food processing, entertainment, defense, timber, and general automation.
Compact ServoWeld characteristics

The CSWX model’s compact servo motor and high-force actuator combination can deliver up to 30 million welds in typical robotic welding applications, along with increased force and speed capabilities, said Tolomatic.

Force range and speed can easily adapt to increases in production demand, it added. The Compact ServoWeld CSWX, for both steel and aluminum weld applications, features Tolomatic’s specially designed roller nut to handle more than 95% of welding applications with C, X, and pinch weld guns, according to the company.

The CSWX can provide up to 18 kN of pressing force (4,047 lbf) in a compact 90 mm frame. Top-speed C-gun performance is 10.5kN of force (2,023 lbf) and 700 mm/sec (27.5 in/sec). Options include integrated force feedback, manual override and long stroke.

“The Compact ServoWeld continues to use Tolomatic’s best-in-class skewed winding technology to provide industry-leading consistent force repeatability,” said Andy Zaske, vice president of sales and marketing at Tolomatic.
Compact ServoWeld actuators from Tolomatic designed for robotic spot welding

Compact ServoWeld actuators are designed deliver high force in a small package (shown with different connector options). Source: Tolomatic

The CSW model is designed for lower-force (15.6kN [3500lbf]) and lower-duty cycle applications (20 million+ welds) for C, X and pinch weld guns. Top speed C-gun performance is 7.9kN (1,641 lbf) and 700 mm/sec (27.5 in/sec).

Both models include mid-trunion mounting to easily adapt to a variety of mounting locations, four standard stroke lengths, and force repeatability of plus or minus 3% for the life of the actuator. Integrated anti-rotate and integrated water cooling options are available, Tolomatic said.

Tolomatic said its ServoWeld actuators are validated and specified at the largest global OEMs and are known for superior tip-dressing performance and exceptional sensitivity during robot equalization. It said the Compact ServoWeld is suitable for body-in-white resistance spot welding as well as high-production sheet-metal welding applications.

Author: The Robot Report Staff